City Surveillance

OnSSI was one of the first companies to implement a citywide IP based video surveillance system. With an Ocularis video management system, the city of New Orleans experienced a 40% reduction in the crime rate within the first six months of deployment. The methodologies implemented by the NOPD have since been replicated by OnSSI for hundreds of municipalities in the U.S. and worldwide.

Non-Stop Surveillance

Advanced failover and redundancy protects valuable
security data. Ocularis is the only VMS platform with
Critical Camera Failover which switches to a designated
camera within 2-3 seconds if the connection to the
primary camera is comprised. With Ocularis, you never
lose sight of critical viewing areas.

Complexity Made Simple

City-wide systems require integration with multiple
technologies such as License Plate Recognition (LPR),
analytics, access control, gunshot detection systems, and
environmental monitoring systems. Ocularis’ open
architecture with seamless integrations extends the
functionality of city-wide surveillance systems.


Ocularis’ OpenSight feature grants access to multiple, disparate video surveillance systems in a single interface. Schools, stadiums, businesses, and public facilities can easily share cameras with public safety departments for better situational awareness and improved response times.

Advanced Investigation Tools

Ocularis provides unique investigation tools like the
Timeslicer™ that brings you right to video evidence and
the Kinetic Timeline™ that gives you extremely easy
access to historical data. Save time in finding evidence,
exporting information, and managing video. And with
administrative rights, multiple operators can have access
to the same cases to share information and build video
evidence files.

Easy-To-Follow Audit Trail

When secured video is leaked into the public, Ocularis makes it remarkably easy to track operator actions. With the easy-to-use query tool, audit every step of a user’s activity. Color-coded audit logs make it easy to review operator actions.

Full-On-the-Go Coverage

Ocularis delivers real-time, full-motion video from multiple megapixel cameras to web and mobile users. Monitor and control live or recorded HD camera streams, even on 3G and 4G networks.

Suitable Products

Multi-agency Citywide Application


Installations with Wireless Application