Ocularis for Energy & Utilities

Beyond safety, scalability and reliability, Ocularis offers unique tools and integrations that help you manage and efficiently maintain the complex infrastructure of energy and utility environments.

Reliability and Fault-tolerance

Ocularis offers both recorder server failover and core server redundancy for maximum reliability. It’s the only platform that offers Critical Camera Failover, which switches to a designated camera instantaneously if the connection to the primary camera is comprised, so that you never lose sight of critical areas.

Mix & Match for Complex System Optimization

Corporate offices, unmanned power distribution locations, refineries, and retail locations – each facility has different surveillance requirements. Ocularis’ Mix and Match feature allows you to combine different recorders to fit each facility’s needs with features that maximize system functionality.

Seamless Integrations

Ocularis’ integration capabilities with SCADA systems are critical in building reliable systems to monitor energy production and distribution networks. This integration of video and data creates meaningful alerts, providing security and maintenance teams with the information they need to make quick decisions.

Full On-the-Go Coverage

Ocularis delivers real-time, full-motion video from multiple megapixel cameras to web and mobile users. Monitor and control live or recorded HD camera streams, even on 3G and 4G networks.

Suitable Products

Distributed Locations


Large Facility Application


Fully Redundant Solution