OnSSI Global Professional Services

Global Intelligence, Local Resources

OnSSI Global Professional Services is an organization that provides paid services to enhance the level of support and maintenance of your surveillance system. These services include, but are not limited to, remote and on-site installation services, configuration, upgrade and staging services, and ongoing maintenance. It’s a sound investment for a safer future.

On-site and Remote
Access Installation

Scarce resources, little time, not enough experience – whatever the situation, our team is ready to step in from the very first stages of planning with the integrator. Once on site, our systems engineers will work alongside your team providing best practices, quality assurance, and all the support you need to get fully operational. We keep it easy with a single point of contact for the entire installation process.

On-site installation may include a statement of work for large projects with 500 or more cameras. Site surveys and additional in-person visits are also available for an additional fee.


Remotely or on site, our systems engineers will tune your system for optimal performance and the best thing is, you get to watch! Observe the process step-by-step as we expertly configure your setup to your exact specifications. And with a single point of contact for the entire process, configuration has never been so easy.

Please note that larger systems require on-site configuration.

Upgrade & Staging

Smooth, trouble-free upgrades on even the most complex systems are not a dream. The key is in the preparation. Our team starts to work on your upgrade long before they arrive at your facility, collecting information about the system and the conditions at the site. The result is a seamless transition to the next version of Ocularis, practically eliminating downtime and potential loss of critical data.

This solution is ideal for time-sensitive installations involving scaled deployments or limited resources.


Enjoy lasting peace of mind with an annual program providing remote access maintenance for anything from optimizing server performance to changing configurations.

Our maintenance service also includes a one-time upgrade service for the main components of the system. The program's per-session price is less expensive than purchasing multiple Remote Access Services.

Contact OnSSI Global Professional Services at 845-732-7901 or ProServices@OnSSI.com.