OnSSI Integration Module for Software House C•CURE 9000 Enables Simultaneous Display of More than 100 Cameras

Pearl River, NY (May 15, 2014) OnSSI has released a new software module that integrates OnSSI’s Ocularis video-centric PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) with version v2.20 of Software House’s C•CURE 9000 security and event management system. The integration enables customers to utilize two combined best-of-breed solutions: Ocularis for IP video management and C•CURE 9000 for access control.


The revised and updated integration with OnSSI enhances the C•CURE 9000 event management capabilities by reducing memory consumption when presenting video. This reduction in memory consumption greatly improves the video pop-up response time and enables users to display more than 100 cameras simultaneously. The integration will run as a Windows service, providing users with a familiar, easy-to-use interface.


Through the C•CURE 9000 monitoring station, users can monitor groups of up to 16 cameras connected to different recording servers at multiple sites. The video window can be set to display manually or automatically as an event pop-up, with up to four live video windows displayed based on event activation. Controls available to the user include digital PTZ during both live and playback operation, optical PTZ, virtual PTZ joystick and start/stop recording, among others. The integration was certified for Ocularis models IS, CS, LS and ES.


“Our collaboration with Software House delivers the concrete benefit of increasing users’ ability to view video without overtaxing system storage capabilities,” said Moshe Levi, Product Manager, OnSSI. “This integration is one more example of our commitment to deliver the leading-edge capabilities customers demand in an event management solution.”

“By integrating with OnSSI Ocularis, we offer customers greater value and opportunities to expand system functionality to fit their particular security needs,” said Cheryl Shea, Sr. Product Manager, Strategic Integrations, Tyco Security Products. “We are committed to bringing key integrations onboard from industry leaders that we feel maximize the value of C•CURE 9000 for our customers.”


OnSSI’s Ocularis offers comprehensive video surveillance and access control event management for streaming, recording and managing an unlimited number of cameras at multiple sites combined with PSIM functionality. Ocularis’ straightforward workflow provides a collaborative environment in which video and alerts from across the organization are organized into meaningful events for efficient shared handling and documentation. Available in five feature sets, each of which employs 64-bit architecture for optimized performance, Ocularis meets the video surveillance and security needs of organizations of all sizes and structures.


C•CURE 9000 security and event management system combines leading access control capabilities with an easy-to-use “Outlook-like” user interface, IT-friendly architecture and a growing list of integration partners. With the C•CURE 9000 SiteServer security appliance and remote monitoring via a web interface, the C•CURE 9000 is designed to serve the needs of enterprises big and small. Leveraging Microsoft® .NET® 3.5 technology, C•CURE 9000 provides native encryption and XML data transfer, making it one of the fastest, most secure systems in the industry.

About OnSSI

OnSSI offers breakthrough VMS technology that’s field proven at tens of thousands of installations globally. The company’s flagship Ocularis IP security and surveillance platform delivers open architecture, scalability and process automation at reduced operating costs. And with the addition of Ocularis Web and Mobile, utilizing OnSSI’s High Definition Interactive Streaming (HDIS), OnSSI delivers the fastest and highest resolution mobile and web access video delivery solution available.