New Features, Integrations and Camera Support Included in OnSSI’s Ocularis 5.1 Release at ASIS

Provides Users with Added Power, Better Network Security and Server Based Motion Detection

Anaheim, CA (September 28, 2015) – OnSSI’s new Ocularis 5.1 Video Management Software (VMS) on display here at ASIS delivers a host of new features to support customer requirements and system design needs. Ocularis 5.1 provides new customers with an intelligent and cost effective platform to simplify workloads and system management. It provides a comprehensive migration path for existing customers with backward compatibility to virtually all previous versions of their OnSSI VMS software.

Ocularis 5.1’s long list of new features includes: server based motion detection, giving the user the option to run motion detection on the server or the camera, allowing generic settings to be copied across multiple channels for faster installation, stronger network security with encryption between clients and servers, better storage management with automatic optimization of hard drive volumes and load balancing across multiple storage components, scrambled video database for better protection of video evidence and simpler and easier installation and licensing with no requirement to register cameras and their MAC addresses.

“The release of Ocularis 5.1 includes many new features, integrations and camera support to better align with our customer’s needs and expectations”, said Gadi Piran, President and CTO, OnSSI. “Managing cameras through our unique Manufacturers Universal Driver program, delivering new efficiencies in data storage and recorder management, along with a seamless migration path for legacy Ocularis users makes Ocularis 5.1 an extremely powerful VMS solution for new and existing customers.”

The new Ocularis 5.1 also includes better Network Address Translation (NAT) to access servers outside the Ocularis Base machine or a firewall. Ocularis 5.1 also continues to support the features that set it apart from competitors, such as Camera NVR, Critical Camera Failover and redundancy and failover configurations, along with many others. In addition, Ocularis Media Servers (OMS), both transcoded and non-transcoded are included with the 5.1 release.

Ocularis 5.1 is offered in three models: Professional, designed for organizations operating multiple locations with small to mid-sized camera counts; Enterprise, built for a wide range of mid to large IT-centric organizations; and Ultimate, created for large organizations with extended command and control needs and recording server failover.

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About OnSSI

On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI) was founded in 2002 with the goal of developing comprehensive and intelligent IP video surveillance management software. OnSSI’s Ocularis IP security and surveillance VMS platform increases security, reduces operational costs, and helps organizations move closer to prevention. Ocularis delivers open architecture, flexibility, and scalability for a range of applications including education, gaming, government, healthcare, manufacturing, public safety, transportation, and utilities. OnSSI is headquartered in Pearl River, New York and has representation in over 100 countries. With its acquisition of Germany-based VMS company, SeeTec GmbH and the launch of Ocularis 5, OnSSI continues to drive global expansion and technological innovations.