Ocularis for Public Safety

Intelligent and extremely user friendly, Ocularis Video Management Software will transform how you handle personal and public safety tasks.

Ocularis plays a crucial role in protecting officers on duty. Detecting and responding to suspicious vehicles, tracking sensitive property, supervising access points, analyzing body cam footage, and deciphering crowd movements – all become more efficient and more precise with Ocularis as part of an integrated security system. OnSSI’s award-winning Ocularis is the security VMS that pulls it all together – putting you in control of the situation.

Smarter surveillance for public spaces and the people who make them safe

Video and data from traditional, body and vehicle-mounted cameras, integrated physical access control systems, and advanced analytics help you make sense of any situation – even before you walk into it.

Advanced Warning

Is it a couple, a crowd, or a stampede of terrified people? With camera-based motion detection and motion-based events, you can quickly read the situation on the ground and react appropriately.

Quick Response

With Ocularis’ OpenSight™, schools, courthouses, and other public facilities can instantly share as many or as few cameras with law enforcement agencies, reducing response time during a developing situation.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Optimize and automate business processes and assess security staff resources.

Never Lose Sight

Critical Camera Failover switches to a designated camera if the signal to the primary camera is compromised, so you never lose sight of critical areas.

Wearable Cameras See What You See

Ensure accurate real-time response and airtight postevent evidence with Ocularis.

Gunshot Detection

Is it a backfiring car or a gunshot? Integration with gunshot detection sytems allow you to quickly make sense of situations potentially involving firearms or explosives.

Full On-the-Go Coverage

With Ocularis Web and Mobile, real-time, full-motion video is delivered directly to you so you’re covered – even on the go.

VideoWall Redone

Ocularis has taken the traditional video wall a step further. Have multiple Ocularis stations manage an endless number of monitors and invite real time collaboration by multiple operators under the control of a centrally located supervisor.

Third-Party Integrations

Ocularis easily integrates with physical security solutions such as access control and License Plate Recognition to prevent threats.


Suitable Products

Multi-agency Citywide Application


Installations with Wireless Application