Ocularis for Public Safety

Intelligent and extremely user friendly, Ocularis Video Management Software will transform how you handle personal and public safety tasks.

Ocularis plays a crucial role in protecting officers on duty. Detecting and responding to suspicious vehicles, tracking sensitive property, supervising access points, analyzing body cam footage, and deciphering crowd movements – all become more efficient and more precise with Ocularis as part of an integrated security system. OnSSI’s award-winning Ocularis is the security VMS that pulls it all together – putting you in control of the situation.

Smarter surveillance for public spaces and the people who make them safe

Video and data from traditional, body and vehicle-mounted cameras, integrated physical access control systems, and advanced analytics help you make sense of any situation – even before you walk into it.

Real-time Warning

Is it a couple, a crowd, or a stampede of terrified people? With camera-based motion detection and motion-based events, you can quickly read the situation on the ground and react appropriately.

Quick Response

With Ocularis’ OpenSight™, schools, courthouses, and other public facilities can instantly share as many or as few cameras with law enforcement agencies, reducing response time during a developing situation.

Never Lose Sight

Critical Camera Failover switches to a designated camera if the signal to the primary camera is compromised, so you never lose sight of critical areas.

Wearable Cameras See What You See

Ensure accurate real-time response and airtight postevent evidence with Ocularis.

Gunshot Detection

Is it a backfiring car or a gunshot? Integration with gunshot detection sytems allow you to quickly make sense of situations potentially involving firearms or explosives.

Full On-the-Go Coverage

Ocularis delivers real-time, full-motion video directly to your mobile phone or web application. Monitor and control live or recorded HD camera streams, even on 3G and 4G networks, control PTZ cameras, get notifications when a pre-configured event is triggered, and even stream video captured from your mobile device to view in Ocularis.

VideoWall Redone

Ocularis has taken the traditional video wall a step further. Have multiple Ocularis stations manage an endless number of monitors and invite real time collaboration by multiple operators under the control of a centrally located supervisor.


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