Vertical Solutions

OnSSI understands the security challenges that vertical markets face. That is why
we have developed Ocularis with features and functionality to address those
specific challenges. Ocularis adapts to the changing conditions and requirements
of vertical industries providing greater safety, more control, and maximum

City Surveillance

OnSSI was one of the first companies to implement a citywide IP based video surveillance system. With an Ocularis video management system, the city of New Orleans experienced a 40% reduction in the crime rate within the first six months of deployment.

The methodologies implemented by the NOPD have since been replicated by OnSSI for hundreds of municipalities in the US and worldwide.

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With a global presence in close to 100 countries, Ocularis is helping organizations worldwide improve their efficiency,minimize capital investment and IT maintenance costs, protect assets, and increase employee safety with unique integrations.

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In the last decade, our K-12 and higher education institutions have been facing increasingly more dangerous threats. Ocularis responded with a platform designed for prevention as well as fast response in real time.

With access control integration, advanced alerts, video sharing and a special discount for academic institutions, Ocularis is raising safety standards nationwide. With Ocularis focused on safety, students can focus on studies.

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Energy & Utility

Beyond safety, scalability and reliability, Ocularis offers unique tools and integrations that help you manage and efficiently maintain the complex infrastructure of energy and utility environments.

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From slot machine halls to card tables and massive casinos, Ocularis makes sense of thousands of camera feeds and entry points, so you can keep a sharp eye on your facility and your business.

Ocularis makes it easy to track activities on the floor with an award-winning operator interface, two-second critical failover, video collaboration tools, and the ability to monitor multiple operators in real time.

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Life-changing events happen every day in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Ocularis helps protect these important facilities and the people in them. From single clinics to multi-building complexes, Ocularis surveillance solutions create a secure environment for medical staff and patients.

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Brick and mortar retail environments demand a safe, effcient, informative, and often entertaining shopping experience.

Ocularis can help you build the perfect environment with the help of 360 degree lens cameras with dewarping software, and advanced video analytics that can help you direct personalized information and targeted ads to consumers.

With flawless mobility and tools that improve loss prevention, Ocularis ensures optimal ROI for retail.

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Airports, seaports, train and subway systems, toll roads, and bridges share a similar need for maintaining the safety of large numbers of people in transit.

These environments in flux face a constant flow of new faces and Ocularis helps you monitor and manage hundreds of thousands of cameras, even on the go. Quickly search massive video databases and integrate License Plate Recognition and other tools for advanced traffic monitoring.

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