Ocularis for Transportation

Airports, seaports, train and subway systems, toll roads, and bridges share a similar need for maintaining the safety of large numbers of people in transit. These environments in flux face a constant flow of new faces, and Ocularis helps you monitor and manage hundreds or thousands of cameras, even on the go. Quickly search massive video databases and integrate License Plate Recognition and other tools for advanced traffic monitoring.

Non-stop Surveillance

Ocularis offers both recorder server failover and core server redundancy for maximum reliability. It’s the only platform that offers Critical Camera Failover, which switches to a designated camera instantaneously if the connection to the primary camera is comprised, so that you never lose sight of critical areas.

Event Management

Transportation surveillance systems can consist of hundreds or even thousands of cameras. Reduce the number of operators to identify events happening in real-time, with Ocularis. Its event fusion engine merges inputs from multiple systems to produce one meaning event. This allows operators to focus on those events requiring immediate action and reduces the manpower required to monitor the system.

Advanced Investigation Tools

Ocularis provides unique investigation tools like the Timeslicer™ that brings you right to video evidence and the Kinetic Timeline™ that gives you extremely easy access to historical data. Save time in finding evidence, exporting information, and managing video. And with administrative rights, multiple operators can have access to the same cases to share information and build video evidence files.

Systems Integrations

Using integration with video analytics allows Ocularis system operators to quickly identify anomalies and respond rapidly. License Plate Recognition (LPR) integration not only helps detect suspects and vehicles of interest, but can also enhance revenue by catching toll cheaters. Alerts derived from absence and presence detection, people counting, and directional motion detection technologies provide the necessary warnings that prompt operators to act immediately should people or traffic patterns be out of the ordinary.


Ocularis’ Edge Recording capabilities and Camera NVR support offer the unique solution of recording cameras on busses and trains without the need of an on-board recorder. Ocularis also enables the use of integrated Mobile NVRs with GPS, speed, and other data sources for efficient management of vehicles in transit.

Full On-the-Go Coverage

Ocularis is the only platform that delivers real-time, full-motion video from multiple mega-pixel cameras to web and mobile users. Monitor and control up to 16 live and/or recorded HD camera streams, even on 3G and 4G networks. Monitor video on-the-go and respond immediately when action is required.

Suitable Products

Distributed Locations


Large Facility Application


Fully Redundant Solution