What's New in Ocularis 5

OnSSI is committed to providing the most innovative surveillance software in the industry. We accomplish this by making continuous improvements to our VMS technology. Here are some of the features and improvements in Ocularis 5.

Recorder Migration Tool

Migration Made Easy

See how to quickly import some camera parameters directly from Ocularis legacy Recorders and camera lists with the Recorder Migration Tool.

Click here to see the full demonstration video.

Camera Replacement Tool

Replace Cameras without Reconfiguring
Views & Maps

Easily map cameras from Ocularis legacy to the latest-generation Ocularis 5. Map cameras on Views & Maps with drag-and-drop simplicity, all with full administrator control.

Click here to see the full demonstration video.

Record-on-Motion Configuration

Fast & Easy Record-on-Motion Configuration

Configure smart start and stop motion detection recording and pre- and post-buffering without the need for alarm scenarios.

Click here to see the full demonstration video.

Keyword Quick View

Build an Instant Multi-Camera View with a Keyword Search

Assign keywords to cameras so they can be instantly viewed with a tag word search. Monitor facility entry points or a set of cameras in a specific area for quick situational assessment.

Click here to see the full demonstration video.

Here are more great features in Ocularis 5:

Camera Field of View

Add Camera Field of View to Ocularis Maps via Ocularis Administrator and easily assess cameras covering specific areas.

New Smart Camera Drivers

Use newly released cameras right out-of-the-box without waiting for driver packs or needing to update servers. Support for W BOX, Northern Video and Interlogix IP cameras are added to Ocularis' list of Smart Camera Drivers for Arecont Vision, Axis, Canon, HikVision, Samsung and Sony.

Updated Dewarping Engine

New dewarping modules are included for Bosch and Vivotek 360° cameras and Pelco’s Optera cameras. Plus enhancement have been added for Samsung 5MP Fisheye and ImmerVision 2.0 cameras.

Increased Support for 4K Cameras

Ocularis 5 includes support for Sony SNC VM772R 4K Security Cameras (Gen 7).

Support for Axis Dynamic Event Stream

Ocularis 5 fully integrates with Axis Dynamic Event Stream on-camera video analytics and ACAP applications.

Enhanced Audit Log

Enhanced color-coded Audit Log which now includes actions performed in Ocularis Administrator.

To see all of the new features in Ocularis 5, view the Release Notes.

You don't need to request a new license to upgrade, just click here and follow the steps.

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