What's New in Ocularis 5

OnSSI is committed to providing the most innovative surveillance software in the industry. We accomplish this by making continuous improvements to our VMS technology. Here are some of the features and improvements in the latest version of Ocularis 5.

New Features in Ocularis 5 Web

  • View and handle events from the Web Client.
  • Camera-specific and global triggers allow you to take action quickly.
  • Set audible alarms and pop-up toast notifications to alert you when events occur, even when the browser window is minimized.
  • Export AVI files and share the exports using a direct link.

New Features in Ocularis 5 Mobile

  • This latest version of Ocularis 5 supports OnSSI’s M2OTM (Mobile-to-Ocularis) for iOS devices (in addition to Android).
  • One-tap JPEG snapshot functionality allows you to share snapshots via SMS, chat apps, Skype, email, and more.
  • Move PTZ cameras, release doors, initiate alarms, turn on lights and more with additional trigger capabilities.
  • Export AVI files and share the exports using a direct link.

Here are more new features in Ocularis 5:

H.265 Support

Ocularis now supports the latest video data compression format, H.265. This format provides exceptional image quality with less data, dramatically reducing bandwidth usage and storage requirements. View the Ocularis v5.4 Release Notes for a list of H.265 supported devices.

Two-way Audio Support

Communicate bi-directionally using push-to-talk functionality in Ocularis Client. Currently supports Axis Communications cameras and devices.

Automatic Ocularis Client Update Prompts

Receive notifications when a newer Ocularis Client version is available. Automatic deployment options make it easy to keep your system up to date.

Additional Client View Layouts

Ocularis Client now includes three new view layout options to optimize the use of screen real estate.

1 over 4

2 x 3

6 x 4 x 6

To see all of the new features in Ocularis 5, view the Ocularis v5.4 Release Notes.

You don't need to request a new license to upgrade, just click here and follow the steps in the Upgrade Guide.

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