Ocularis for Banking

Data breaches are of paramount importance for financial institutions. Even tiny breaches in your surveillance network system can render your entire system vulnerable. Ocularis video management systems have end-to-end encryption – from the camera to the Recorder to the Client through export – to keep your system safe. Ocularis is also uniquely suited to handle the physical security demands of banks with an array of open architecture integrations to match ATM transactions to video, enhanced access control, and track assets with pinpoint detail. Whether cyber security or physical security, Ocularis casts a wide safety net that helps you identify vulnerabilities and respond appropriately.

Manage Multiple Branches and User Access

Exercise precision control with centralized recorder management for easier configuration and advanced system monitoring capabilities that also lets you assign and manage access credentials. Ocularis’ centralized architecture allows you to scale up to any number of cameras and will allow you to seamlessly integrate existing cameras and security measures.

You Control the Access

Ocularis is especially adept at combining situational awareness with physical access control measures, syncing video from entry points with a personnel ID database. And integrated License Plate Recognition technology can identify and track vehicle activity around parking lots and teller drive-thrus.

Secure the Floor

Video and data analysis are combined to provide alerts on suspicious behavior and employee activity behind the register and around the safe for greater loss prevention and fewer cash register disputes. Third party integration for facial recognition coupled with real time tracking of unattended items makes investigation and prevention easier and more precise. Ocularis can also enhance operations with integration for people counting to produce better business intelligence.

Mobile Monitoring for Cash Transportation Vehicles

You don’t have to invest in on-board recorders to monitor your cash transporting fleet. Built for mobility without compromise, Ocularis uses revolutionary Edge technology for continuous recording on each camera, even when network connections fail. Once connectivity is restored, Ocularis will download the locally recorded video to the NVR within the correct time sequence.

Video Wall

Ocularis has taken the traditional video wall a step further. Have multiple Ocularis stations manage an endless number of monitors and invite real time collaboration by multiple operators under the control of a centrally located supervisor.

ATM Monitoring

The integration of an unlimited number of video feeds ensures precise video-to-transaction matching from any ATM terminal. It’s the fast and easy way to secure your evidence and close any case.

Quicker Response

With Ocularis’ OpenSight™, instantly share as many or as few of your cameras with law enforcement agencies, with Ocularis deployed, to ensure minimal response times to quickly address any developing situation. Ocularis plays an essential role in activating external security measures by letting them see what you see and prepare to act swiftly once a security threat has been detected.

Keeps Your Video Secure, Not Almost Secure

Communications from Camera to Recorder to Client is encrypted for maximum video data security. And only Ocularis offers video database location scrambling that prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing and manipulating video evidence, adding that extra layer of tough on top.

Better Hard Drive Management

Ocularis’ exclusive recording technology allows you to use less expensive hard drives without sacrificing performance. System failover and redundancy are easy to set to prevent potential loss of vital recordings.

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