Ocularis for City Surveillance

Perfect for the wide scope and high intensity of dense metropolitans, Ocularis helps you master centralized intelligent command and control. With its award-winning interface, Ocularis puts powerful tools at your fingertips. Timeline controls, multi-camera quick views, and detailed camera location maps are a doorway into a world of safety and efficiency. Network failure backup, efficient long-term video storage, unlimited scalability, bandwidth optimization, and seamless third-party integrations are just some of the details making up the big picture. And we’re talking big.

It’s one stop for seamlessly overseeing all the important surveillance functions in your city from public buildings and parks to traffic and transportation.

Medical and Municipal Facilities

Sensitive areas call for a sensitive eye. Ocularis integrates with RFID technology to help you keep equipment and sensitive information where they need to be. And when you couple business video data with logistics data, Ocularis helps you streamline and automate processes, respond faster to trouble, and run smoother and better operations overall.

Parks and Recreation

Is it a backfiring car or a gunshot? With third-party integrations, examine behavioral analytics to make sense of practically any situation. And with crisp video and advanced analytics, quickly figure out if a moving mass of people is fleeing an imminent threat or simply in a rush to catch a bus.

Transportation Hubs and Traffic Monitoring

In addition to monitoring traffic violations, Ocularis integrates License Plate Recognition software for early detection and easy tracking of suspicious vehicles. It also addresses public transportation schedule monitoring, passage-way bottlenecks, and can assist in the development of efficient evacuation tactics.

Law Enforcement and Court Systems

Ocularis integrates video with an array of physical security solutions such as access control to prevent unlawful entry and use of fake credentials. Integration with vehicle-mounted cameras and body cams puts video evidence directly in the hands of law enforcement agencies. Keep track of every action back at the base with clear video and audio for accurate, real-time response.

Schools and Campuses

Quick response is key. With Ocularis’ OpenSight™ operators of disparate facilities can share a selection of cameras with the law enforcement to greatly reduce response time during a developing situation. Ocularis is the only platform that comes with Critical Camera Failover, that instantaneously switches to a designated backup camera if the connection to the primary camera is compromised, so you never lose sight of critical areas.


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