Ocularis for Correctional Facilities

Keeping diverse inmate populations and staff of all ranks safe and accountable is a tall order. Doing it on budget used to be outright impossible. Enter Ocularis. Even if you’re faced with limited resources and an aging camera arsenal, Ocularis can still step in to save the day by combining real time analog and digital camera data with PSIM data to identify potential issues and help you resolve them quickly and efficiently. The interface is easy to learn and easy to use on the go to browse and stream captured video from your smart phone. Ocularis can shorten investigation and hearing time on practically all incidents.

Investigate with TimeSlicer and the Kinetic Timeline

These unique Ocularis features make investigation and evidence production extremely easy. The TimeSlicer™ senses motion in a specified area and brings you right to that video thumbnail. The Kinetic Timeline™ provides fast access to continuous historical data with forwards/backwards swipe navigation and color codes to help identify recorded video. Cases can be resolved in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.

Access is Key

Ocularis puts you in control of gates, entry points, and all your facility’s check points. Seamless third-party integrations combine facial recognition with database management to quickly identify every person passing through. And in the parking lot, vehicles can be quickly sorted according to license plate numbers and suspicious movement, alerting you to act on time.

Control What’s Being Recorded

There are instances when safety and privacy are more important than continuous video. Ocularis’ start/stop function lets you control when a particular video stream gets turned off or on as circumstances call for it.

Quick Response Makes All the Difference

With Ocularis’ OpenSight™, share as many or as few of your cameras with backup units and auxiliary forces to guarantee minimal response times in case of riots or unusual circumstances. It’s your cavalry on call.

Never Lose Sight

Never lose sight of anything that’s going on inside your facility. Critical Camera Failover will switch to a designated camera if the signal to the primary camera is compromised. It’s a life saver. Literally.

VideoWall Reimagined

Multiple Ocularis stations can manage an endless number of monitors and invite real time collaboration by multiple operators under the control of a centrally located supervisor. It’s a new take on the traditional video wall.

Video Data Authentication and Encryption

Communications from Camera to Recorder to Client is encrypted for maximum video data security. And only Ocularis offers video database location scrambling that prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing and manipulating video evidence adding that extra layer of tough on top.


An ounce of prevention is setting system failover and redundancy servers in Ocularis to prevent potential loss of vital recordings during outages and hardware malfunctions. Edge Storage is another brilliant feature that lets cameras continue to record even when network connections have failed. Ocularis will seamlessly integrate the saved footage into the timeline once connectivity is restored.

Mobilize Your Surveillance

Ocularis delivers real-time, full-motion video directly to your mobile phone or web browser. Monitor and control live or recorded HD camera streams, control PTZ cameras, get notifications when a pre-configured event is triggered, and even stream live video from your mobile device to be recorded and viewed in Ocularis.

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