Education Promotion

The safety of our academic institutions is an investment in our future. This is why we didn’t have to think twice before offering this promotion.

Qognify offers a 15% discount on Ocularis Base and camera licenses and software upgrade plan purchases made by educational institutions.

The 15% discount applies to the following:

  • Ocularis 5: Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate Licenses and Add Ons
  • StayCURRENT software upgrade plan for new systems and for StayCURRENT renewals
  • GetCURRENT software upgrade plan for existing customers without an upgrade plan

How to Qualify

This offer is available to qualifying educational institutions worldwide. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.

Don’t let funding stop you from creating a safer campus

Click here to request your EDU Project Registration code which qualifies you for a 15% discount on Ocularis 5 products, add-ons, and software upgrade plans. Present the project registration code to your Qognify Integrator to start saving.