Global Professional Services

Worry not. Global Professional
Services is here for you.

Global Professional Services is a premium support and maintenance service for Ocularis users. Global Professional Services Engineers are ready to assist with new system installations and migrations, upgrades, audits, troubleshooting, consultations, and training – anywhere in the world.

Installation and Migration Services

Scarce resources, little time, not enough experience? Whatever the situation, our team is ready to step in from the planning stage. Installing a new Ocularis system or migrating an existing system to Ocularis requires training and experience and our engineers can either assist your team with the installation and migration or even take on the entire job if needed. The GPS engineer will assess the current configuration, provide a statement of work, execute the migration, and optimize the system. And we’ll keep it easy with a single point of contact for the entire process.

Upgrade Services

Smooth, trouble-free upgrades on even the most complex systems are not a pie in the sky. The key is in the preparation. Our team starts to work on your upgrade long before they arrive at your facility, collecting information about the system and on-site conditions. The result is a seamless transition to the next version of Ocularis, practically eliminating downtime and potential loss of critical data. This solution is ideal for time-sensitive installations involving scaled deployments or limited resources.

System Audits and Configuration Services

Managing a VMS can get complicated, requiring ongoing modifications, assessments, and the occasional configuration adjustments; and some changes may directly impact the system’s functionality or efficiency. An GPS engineer will perform a comprehensive system audit which will yield a report with the appropriate recommendations for improving system performance. The implementation of these recommendations may be added to the scope of this service.

System Troubleshooting Services

GPS engineers are ready to help troubleshoot any issue, identify the root cause and propose a resolution plan – even if the issue is not related to a Qognify product. If our engineers identify a bug, they will advise when a fix becomes available. If the issue is identified as a customer-related issue, GPS will offer the appropriate GPS service and quote it separately.

Technical Consultation Services

Remotely or on-site, our engineers are available for consultation sessions that can cover anything from system design and network planning, to upgrades, expansions and migration planning.

Technical Training

GPS offers Ocularis training outside of the United States, under the auspices of the Qognify Training Department, which follows the same syllabus, training materials and requirements. Operator and administrator training is provided to your team conveniently at your facility.

Annual Maintenance Plans

Enjoy lasting peace of mind with an annual program providing a customized suite of maintenance services such as the number of on-site visits and remote sessions, and/or the number of cases to be handled. The plans are offered in four levels or can be custom-tailored to your system's specific needs.

Side by side, face to face, or across the screen with remote login, our engineers will be with you every step of the way. It’s one more way to enjoy total peace of mind with your Ocularis VMS.

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