Ocularis for Hospitality

You’ve got your registers, your kitchen, your bar, and your front and back doors to keep an eye on – even your parking lot. That’s before you can even focus on your guests’ experience. From massive hotel grounds to dark after-hours lounges, keep it all in focus with Ocularis. With an award-winning hospitable interface and easy camera handling, Ocularis will help you face every day with a smile.

The Management of Scale

Exercise precision control with centralized recorder management for easier configuration and advanced system monitoring capabilities. Ocularis comes future-proof which means growth is never an issue. From single establishments to multi-site franchises, Ocularis is scalable to any number of cameras in both centralized and distributed architectures.

Access Control

From supplies and goods, to people, to money, knowing what goes where and who got in or out is half the battle won. Integrating information from physical security systems, Ocularis can match video to transactions and event data, reduce asset theft through RFID tracking, and reduce your overall security costs while increasing coverage and personnel safety.

Cut Training Costs While Increasing Productivity

With its award-winning intuitive interface, Ocularis puts powerful tools at your fingertips. Overlay timeline controls, multi-camera quick views, and detailed camera location maps are a doorway into a world of safety and efficiency. Operators can start using Ocularis with minimal training.

Point-Of-Sale Demystified

Registers, check-in counters, and gift shops, can be further protected and improved upon with Ocularis. More than employing video analytics in specific instances, it can help your loss prevention efforts by graphically displaying statistical data on transactions and exceptions. And the integration of an unlimited number of video feeds ensures precise video-to-transaction matching, and easy evidence to close cases quicker.

Stay Connected While Roaming the Ground

Ocularis delivers real-time, full-motion video to web and mobile users. Monitor and control live or recorded HD camera streams, even on 3G and 4G networks. Ocularis 5 Mobile comes handy with notifications when a configured event is triggered and with the ability to stream video captured on your mobile device to view directly from Ocularis Client.

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