Ocularis for Museums

Who’s about to vandalize that Vermeer? Who lifted the Leonardo Da Vinci from exhibit hall 3? Where did we store that Serra? Keeping stock of your entire inventory, tracking assets as they move in, out and about the museum, and investigating or even preventing theft and vandalism are just some of the things that Ocularis can do for your museum or your next art expo.

Better Asset Protection with Behavior Analytics

Behavioral analytics enhance asset protection by safeguarding valuable art from unwanted touches and theft. With the integration of behavioral analytic tools, Ocularis alerts you to suspicious behavior across any camera’s field of view. The watchdog that never sleeps – set it and watch your costs go down while safety levels go up.

Keep Assets in Place with RFID Tracking

Ocularis integrates with RFID tags to show you real-time onscreen notifications of asset activity, as well as send you email and SMS alerts if a tagged work of art is not where it’s supposed to be. The information can be exported for video evidence or as a CSV file for reporting purposes.

Access Controlled

Define response rules based on behavioral patterns from integrated access control systems. Ocularis’ Event Fusion Engine breaks through alert clutter and only sends you those alerts to which have cause for response.

Point-Of-Sale Artistry

Ocularis works in the background to sync POS transactions with multiple surveillance video with real-time features that include onscreen POS terminal activity, time graphing of specific events and POS analytics that let you quickly bring up activities of interest. Use it to glean statistical data on cash flow and exceptions and export information graphically and photographically for easy investigation.

Greater Coverage with Fewer Cameras

Ocularis’ dewarping technology turns video from 360° cameras into crisp images so you can effectively cover larger areas with fewer cameras.

Full On-the-Go Coverage

Ocularis delivers real-time, full-motion video directly to your mobile phone or web browser. Monitor and control live or recorded HD camera streams, control PTZ cameras, get notifications when a pre-configured event is triggered, and even stream live video from your mobile device to be recorded and viewed in Ocularis.

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