Ocularis 5 Certification Training

Date: Oct 03–05, 2017
Location: Herndon, VA
Contact: Jerry Wilkins
SPM-Security Marketing Products
(410) 546-3181


$999 for Channel Partners
$1,299 for non-Channel Partners


In order to provide the best possible training experience for our courses, all students must be well versed in the following:

• Intermediate to advanced computer skills

• IP addressing

• Basic networking (how to change IP address, Firewall, Windows Services, etc).

• Knowledge of Windows server class operating systems

• Experience with IP camera use (e.g. how to access camera configuration)

• Good understanding of IP video basics (compression, resolution, frame rate, etc).

This course assumes that students come to the training with this knowledge.

Please ensure that you are well versed in these topics prior to attending any of our courses. You may refer an open sources such as Wikipedia.



• Ocularis Models

• Software Installation

• Recording Server Configuration

• Configuring Cameras

• Working with PTZ cameras including patrolling and presets

• Viewing Live and Recorded Video with Ocularis Client

• Search and Export Recorded Video

• Managing the surveillance environment with Ocularis Base

• Configuring Video Walls

• Managing automated events

• Failover and other Backup Considerations

• Ocularis OpenSight

• Ocularis Best Practices and Troubleshooting

• Ocularis Media Server, Ocularis Mobile & Ocularis Web

This course covers the following models: Ocularis Ultimate, Ocularis Enterprise, Ocularis Professional.


Our training courses are held at state-of-the-art computer lab training facilities. Laptop computers are not required. We ask that you bring a compatible OnSSI IP camera and network switch for your use in class (see list of compatible devices).