The ability to share video feeds and alerts with law enforcement or other security hubs can mean the difference between life and death, especially in sensitive installations in universities, hospitals, public arenas, and military bases. Increase awareness and ensure faster response to developing situations with Qognify’s OpenSight™.

Simplify Video Monitoring and Video Sharing with OpenSightTM

Single, Intuitive Interface

Grant access between disparate video surveillance systems with a single user interface

Rights Administration

The host administrator controls user rights of the operators monitoring shared cameras

Quick Response

Improves situational awareness and response time

Seamless Connection

Integrate video and events from multiple Ocularis entities

Share as many or as few cameras and events from your Ocularis system with other security stations running Ocularis for added coverage.

Should an emergency situation develop, authorities can assess and respond immediately. Police stations can monitor multiple disparate systems simultaneously.

See how OpenSight™ can enhance surveillance at schools, hospitals, and other large installations. Click here to read more about Qognify's vertical solutions.