Ocularis Update Service

Up. To. Date.

Ocularis Update Service will run in the background ready to download and install updates, patches and even software version upgrades as soon as they come out — even throughout an entire distributed system — so you can focus on the important stuff.


Keeping VMS software up to date is vital to the security of your facility. The auto-update capabilities of Qognify’s Ocularis Update Service ensure that you will always be running the most current – and most secure – version of your video management software.


Ocularis Update Service eliminates the need for you to manually check for new VMS software updates.


As your system grows in scale and number of components, Ocularis Update Service saves you time exponentially by checking for periodical updates and then distributing them automatically throughout the system, no matter how big that system is. You also can control how often the system will check for and distribute updates and upgrades.


The potential dangers of failing to update software are very real and expose organizations to vulnerability risks and sub-optimal system performance. Auto-updating with Ocularis Update Service provides you with peace of mind that your VMS software is as current as possible.