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How to Find your SLC
How to Configure an “Action on Event” in Ocularis Administrator
How to Configure a “Blank Screen Event” in Ocularis Administrator
How to Set the Default Video Stream for Ocularis Client Views NEW
How to Create a Keyword Quick View
How to Run a WireShark Capture
Ocularis Base SQL Install Options
Changing the Recorder Administrator Password NEW



How to Setup a Slave Core
How to Setup Video Failover UPDATED
How to Setup Second Device Manager
How to License Ocularis Recorder NEW
How to Manually Apply Ocularis Recorder Upgrade Files
How to Check Which Patches are Installed
How to Manually Apply Patches for Ocularis Recorder
How to Extend Ocularis Recorder Log Retention NEW


How to Add a Zone
How to Manually Add A Device/Camera
How to Add Devices Using Find Devices/Cameras
How to Add and Configure Multiple Cameras at The Same Time
How to Use a Camera Template to Easily Add Multiple Cameras
How to Enable PTZ Control for Smart Driver Cameras

Motion Detection

How to Enable 'Record on Motion' in Ocularis Recorder UPDATED
How to Setup Camera Based Motion Detection UPDATED
How to Setup Camera Side Motion Detection when using the Axis Smart Driver UPDATED
How to Setup Camera Side Motion Detection when using the Hikvision Smart Driverr UPDATED

How to Configure and Setup Motion Detection on the Camera for Select Manufacturers

Panasonic Older

Software Configuration

How to Setup PTZ Presets and Patrolling
How to Replace a Camera
How to Setup Additional Video Streams On Cameras UPDATED
How to Setup and Configure a Camera to Record Using Different Streams
How to Setup Recording on a Schedule
How to Setup Recording on Input Event
How to Configure Manual Button Triggers
How to Configure Email Alerts
How to Setup a Tampering Event
How to Configure Edge Storage
How to find Recorder Camera Storage Information NEW
How to Export the Recorder Configuration to Review the Settings NEW
How to Use Ocularis Recorder Report Mode to Track Configuration Changes NEW
How to Check License Counts in Ocularis NEW


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