Software Upgrade Plan

OnSSI’s hassle-free and cost-effective StayCURRENT software upgrade plan is the best way to ensure you have the most up-to-date VMS available.

Purchase the simple, 1-Yr StayCURRENT plan with your initial Ocularis 5 purchase. As you grow your system, all you’ll need to do is purchase additional camera licenses. Your StayCURRENT plan will be adjusted to the number of licenses you have at the plan’s one-year anniversary date.

For more information on the 1-Yr StayCURRENT and Multi-Yr StayCURRENT plans for Ocularis 5, click here.

Have an OnSSI VMS without a software upgrade plan?


If you do not have a valid software upgrade plan for your OnSSI VMS, you can purchase the GetCURRENT plan and upgrade to the latest version of Ocularis.

Contact OnSSI Sales at 845-732-7900 x 7010 or Sales@OnSSI.com.