Qognify’s StayCURRENT
Software Upgrade Plan Options

When you purchase your initial system, purchase Qognify’s StayCURRENT (SC) software upgrade plan to cover your Base license, plus all camera licenses in the system. You have the option to purchase a 1-Yr StayCURRENT plan or a Multi-Yr StayCURRENT plan.

1-Yr StayCURRENT Plan

With a 1-Yr StayCURRENT plan, you can expand your surveillance system by adding cameras throughout the year, without having to purchase additional StayCURRENT for those cameras. You’re covered for all camera licenses assigned to the system’s Base through the plan’s one-year expiration date.

Multi-Yr StayCURRENT Plan

With a Multi-Yr StayCURRENT plan, purchase StayCURRENT when you purchase additional camera licenses in all but the final year of the contract. When adding camera licenses, purchase StayCURRENT for the remaining full year(s) on the contract. In the last year of the Multi-Yr contract, you don’t purchase additional StayCURRENT when adding camera licenses to your system. Renew StayCURRENT for the entire system at the plan’s expiration date.

With Qognify’s StayCURRENT plan for Ocularis 5, look forward to continued advancements in the most innovative video management software available.

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