Ocularis for Sports & Entertainment

Keeping tens of thousands of spectators safe and focused on the main event is tough. That’s why Ocularis 5 is a true game changer. It lets you track visitors and monitor activities from the farthest parts of your parking lots, through every entry point and up to the skyboxes. With Ocularis, your response time is shorter and more precise. Easily manage an ever growing arsenal of third party safety enhancements and grow your camera fleet hassle free while also keeping an eye on your concession business efficiently. Call it a touchdown or a slam dunk, we call it unbelievable.

Get More Out of Your Cameras

Smart Camera Drivers allow you to start using newly released cameras out of the box with no server updates necessary, and you can start managing thousands of them while collaborating with remote operators. Open architecture brings powerful capabilities like dewarping support for 360° cameras to see more with fewer cameras and support for 4K cameras from top camera manufactures for full frame rate HD panoramas, so you can pick people out of a crowd.

Keep the Line Moving

Ocularis can monitor lines to better allocate ticket collectors to the right areas or to re-assign their duties as crowd density shifts. Couple it with Business Video Intelligence, access control and alerts. It helps you improve the service to your audience even before they set foot in the venue.

Win Big with Loss Protection

With seemless third-party POS integrations, Ocularis time-synchronizes surveillance video with POS transactions. It is your second insurance that lets you monitor POS terminal activity in real time, capture and analyze video and financial data, and move your investigation faster with easily exported CSV files displayed alongside camera views.

Grow Bigger

If you’re in the process of gradually migrating your system from analog to IP or are considering an expansion of your current coverage, Ocularis makes the perfect partner offering scalability without penalty as you grow your operation.

Go Farther

Ocularis Mobile will untether you from your station with high definition streaming and fast browsing of video. And the Mobile app will send you audible notifications when a configured event occurs so you can hit the ground running wherever you are. You can even stream video captured on your mobile phone and view it directly from Ocularis Client.

Full On-the-Go Coverage

Ocularis delivers real-time, full-motion video directly to your mobile phone or web browser. Monitor and control live or recorded HD camera streams, control PTZ cameras, get notifications when a pre-configured event is triggered, and even stream live video from your mobile device to be recorded and viewed in Ocularis.

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